The Managing Director of the group Mr. Masuduzzaman is very soft hearted and kind person.  In  any sorts of social activities or workers welfare he is doing great job. He used to give medical compensation poor and provide destitute girls marriage compensation. He personally believes that if his factory worker smiles then his factory will smile. So he always tries to stand beside the worker directly & indirectly. He is the member of “Chikitsa samaj seba Karjaloy” who collect fund for the poor people.                                                 

MODELE GROUP exposed itself a compliance factory by following Labor Laws & regulation from the Government & Customer side. We have got our great achievement of IS0 9001:2000 certifications from MOODY INTERNATIONAL. We also have certification of WRAP, SEDEX & BSCI, OEKOTEX, GOTs which made us determination to maintain a code of conduct that is stated below –

  •  Child labor is strictly prohibited.
  •  Local Labor Law is to be maintained.
  •  Fire safety.
  •  Day care Center.
  •  Providing pure drinking water.
  •  A sound environment.
  •  Avoid Discrimination.
  •  First Aid treatment.
  • Appropriate remuranation
  • Occupational health safety
  • PA system awareness
  • In house full facilitated training room
  • MODELE DE CAPITAL IND. LTD. will be determined to keep secure its member safety. So the management has taken the highest effort in this subject. The factory’s all the floor & compound is going to equipped with latest fire fighting equipments such as extinguisher, hose pipe, blanket etc.

Our full factory is constructed with licensed fire doors and most sensitive fire and smoke detectors covered entire area for 360 degree fire safety.

Policy & Procedures :


    SA8000 Policy:

                 Recruitment Policy

    Working Hour Policy


Child Labor Policy



 Prohibition of Discrimination Policy &  Compensation & Benefits Policy


Compensation-Benefits-Policy.jpg           Prohibition-of-Discrimination-Policy.jpg 

Anti Bribery Policy



                   Anti Sexual Harassment Policy


       Grievance Policy









Award Achievements :

Modele De Capital wins Sustainability Award from REWE

Modele De Capital Industries, one of the leading garment producers of Bangladesh,

wins ‘Sustainability Award’ from their German buyer the REWE. On 13th of September 2018, the

German retailer handed over the award to the company in front of all the suppliers of REWE who

attended in a splendid program “REWE Summit 2018’ held in a hotel of China.

Modele De has been selected for this award for achieving SA 8000 certificate.

On behalf of Model De Capital Industries Ltd., Mr. Kanai Sarker, Group Director of Modele, received the

prestigious ‘Sustainability Award’ which is a pride for them and for the country as well


Besides, the company plays an important role for ensuring health and safety of their workers. Also as a

part of their social responsibilities they provide cloths to the helpless and orphan children, food

commodity for the flood affected people in a regular basis.

The SA 8000 Standard is the leading social certification standard for factories and organizations across

the globe. Over the years, the Standard has evolved into an overall framework that helps certified

organizations demonstrate their dedication to the fair treatment of workers across industries and in any

country. The Standard reflects labor provisions contained within the Universal Declaration of Human

Rights and International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions. It also respects complements and

supports national labor laws around the world, and currently helps secure ethical working conditions for

two million workers.


CSR Events:









Social Performance :

Bsci-logo.gif    Certified-Facility-Logo-2.jpg   Iso-Logo-2013.jpg  SEDEX-logo.jpg


Achievements :

     OSHS certificateOEKO-TEX CertificateSA-8000-Certificate..jpg


WRAP Certificate





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