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First of its kind in Bangladesh- ECR plant

We are completely promised to save the environment. The Characteristics of industrial waste waters can differ considerably both within & among industries. The impact of the industrial discharges depends not only on their collective characteristics, such as Bio chemical oxygen demand and the amount of available solids, but also on their contents of specific organic and inorganic substance.
Three options are available in controlling industrial waste water. Control can take place at their point of generation in the plant, waste water can be pretreated for the discharge to municipal treatment sources or waste water can be treated completely at the plant and either reused or discharged directly into receiving waters.
We are working for the environmental safety & health. Our effluent treatment plant (ETP) is now a 100% Electro Contaminant Removal (ECR) plant which was a biological plant in the beginning i.e. 10 years back. So we have ETP & ECR Integrated plant which is first of its kind in BD.
This equipment & process is known as the Electro Contaminant Removal (ECR) process, also referred as electro coagulation. ECR process & system have been existence since 1906 using a variety of anode and cathode shapes such as plates, balls, spleens, wire mess, rods and tubes . The water community and the governing agencies have required and accepted certain factors that influence the effective removal of ionic species from waste water using ECR.
ECR Science is based on valid & proven principles involving response of water contaminants to strong electric fields and electrically induced oxidation and reduction reaction ECR utilizes direct current to cause sacrificial electrode ions to remove undesirable contaminants either by commercial reaction and participation or by causing collidial materials to coalesce and taken by electricity flotation.
The ECR project with us have the ability to treat 30,00,000 cubic meter water every day. We do varieties of test daily weekly and monthly basis to become assured that the plant is functioning without trouble. We are certified by our department of environment and ministry of industries Bangladesh.