Cafe Sao Paulo

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Cafe Sao Paulo

Café Sao Paulo started their journey with a vision of creating a customer-based atmosphere for a heartfelt experience. Like Sao Paulo, the café roots to its humble beginnings. Sao Paulo began as a poor village and eventually developed into a famous world-class city. Today, Sao Paulo is one of the most populous and wealthiest states in Brazil, exerting strong international influences in commerce, finance, arts, and entertainment.

This growth is mirrored into the foundations of Café Sao Paulo: from their humble background to developing into a world-renowned establishment with quality in both service and product Beginning at the Heart of the City, Café Sao Paulo will then flourish into different branches in various locations inside the country and even beyond.

In café Sao Paulo our vision is to create a customer-based atmosphere for a heartfelt experience. We want to spread positivity through a message that, ‘stay focused on today. No one knows what the future brings. So, it is important to stay focused on today and enjoy the moments of today.

It is important to just have fun with what today brings, hoping for sunshine as tomorrow comes. At Cafe Sao Paulo, the environment wishes to be a place where customers can enjoy their time inside with no worries, having a mentality that hopes for a bright and positive tomorrow.




Ambassador of Brazil in Dhaka for visiting us and making this memorable day for Cafe Sao Paulo.