Quality First


The company has taken very consistent quality polices in line of mission and objectives. We are maintaining quality standard in every steps. To ensure the active participation of the workers in the quality process, the company has implemented the “Total Quality Management” concept of Japanese Management.


So product quality is assured in every step of operation from sourcing to packing ,we have independent Audit/GPQ team to monitor the whole quality and inspection procedure and reporting directly to top management. The following standard is a must


  • Fabric inspection : 4 point system.
  • Inline inspection : Traffic light based on 7.0
  • Pre-final : Under AQL 1.5


Our Quality Assurances

Knitting Area:

  1. 100% grey fabric inspection
  2. Separate quarantine area outside the factory to dump rejected grey & finish fabrics so that rejection quantity cannot mix up with good quantity
  3. 100% yarn count testing
  4. Online checking for testing the accurate stitch length to get correct GSM
  5. R&D is ensuring no lot mixing and no wrong batch preparation before dyeing

Dyeing Area,

  1. 100% finish fabrics inspection system running
  2. 100% GSM record keeping and wipe out low and high GSM rolls
  3. Maintaining all required test standards like shrinkage, spirility, wash, color fastness, light fastness, pilling, rubbing etc.


  1. Standard hour fabrics relaxation before cutting
  2. Eye inspection during lay for cutting
  3. 100% cut panel check after cutting
  4. 100% sticker numbering to avoid shade variations

Printing Area:

  1. Advanced printing techniques adopted to avoid any stickiness in print work
  2. Minimum 5 time wash test after printing
  3. Availability of latest available technologies
  4. World class curing machines from world famous brand
  5. 100% cut panel inspection after printing

Sewing Area

  1. Taken ‘Quality First Production Next’ policy
  2. Added process QC in all critical processes
  3. Root cause analysis for any problem identified by the QA to stop repeated faults
  4. After Iron 100% measurement check, get up check
  5. In line inspection for every line in every day
  6. 100% pre-final inspection before sending goods to the port
  7. 100% recheck once problem identified by the pre-final inspector