Garments Units

Comprising with the latest of garments manufacturing machines-

  • New MX-8000 RPM series of Pegasus stitching machine with the basis of latch system.
  • Brother lockstitch machine.
  • Needle detector from Japan.

For the sewing the reason of taking 8000 RPM is-

  •   It increase a wide range needs with sufficient productivity.
  •   Increase quality with an oil blocking effect that has never been seen before in MX series.
  •   Achieve a maximum machine speed of 8000 RPM & the stitch length is 0.6mm – 5.0mm.


Machinery Brand Country Nos
Lock stitch Machine Brother Japan 500
Over lock-3 thread Pegasus Japan 230
Overlock-4 thread Pegasus Japan 220
Overlock-5 thread Pegasus Japan 100
Flatbed Pegasus Japan 160
Cylinder bed Pegasus Japan 200
Buttonhole Pegasus Japan 30
Back tape Pegasus Japan 20
P M D Pegasus Japan 10
Rib Cutter Km-Ks-Auv Japan 15
Pickoting Machine Pegasus Japan 5
Clothing Cutter Km-Ks-Auv Japan 15
Thread Cutter Pulsa U S A 10
Auto Spreading Machine TSM Taiwan 05
Manual Spreading Machine Lee Wai China 02
Thread Sucker Ngai Shing China 12
Label Cutting Cutex Hong Kong 04
Snap Fixing Ngai Shing Snap Fixing 02
Steam Iron Naomato Japan 150
Needle Detector Hashima Japan 03
Button – Hole Machine Brothers & Juki Japan 20
Button – Stitch Machine Juki Japan 20
Fabric Inspection Naomato Thailand 10
Stain Remover Censel Buharli Turkey 10
Power Supply (Generator) SDMO Singapore 02
Steam Broiler Fulton China 02